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One day I hope to write a book, based on these articles, in the meantime - I hope you find the articles interesting and helpful - making TA pyschotherapy alive and meaningful for your practice and personal development.

I hope you find them interesting and useful and I look forward to working with you in one of the online TA groups or individually for supervision or psychotherapy.

Feel free to email me with any questions about TA psychotherapy, or training.

Dave Spenceley TSTA - Jan 2024
TA and related articles - by Dave Spenceley TSTA - YTCI  course director.

  • Daves approach to TA psychotherapy - Updated - October 2023 - A description of Dave’s style of psychotherapy - it includes his thinking about impasse theory and the two stages of psychotherapy.
  • Supervision -fully edited - as a new article - nov 2023 - effective supervision in TA practice - flying with the eagles eye: super - vision.
  • Trauma - a new article in Nov 2023 - exploring the impact of trauma and the TA approach to trauma including a review and many quotes from Gabor Maté’s new book - the Myth of Normal and reviews of other books such as the body keeps the score.
  • Cathexis - new article Nov 2023 - the significant contributions of the cathexis school to TA - “the passivity material”
  • Couples work and TA - new article Nov 2023 - a brief introduction to the important concepts when working with couples.
  • Antipsychiatry - new article Nov 2023 - Anti-psychiatry is revisited and remembered as relevant today as when the authors were writing. The anti-psychiatry movement is rarely referred to at present and yet was very influential informing the development of many psychotherpists and mental health practioners - including Dave’s development as a psychotherapist, prior to TA training. Many quotes from RD Laing and Thomas Szasz.
  • Anxiety - new article Nov 2023 - Anxiety is a frequently presented problem - this is a brief introduction to using TA theory when working with clients who present with anxiety.
  • Emotions and TA - new article Nov 2023 - being emotionally fluent is essential for health and for practice in TA - enjoy.
  • Group work -edited nov 2023 - Groups work is TA in action; reflections on groups by Dave with reviews of books and the contributions by those outside of TA as well as Berne - Foulkes, and Yallom feature in depth.
  • Life scripts - edited nov 2023 - a healthy narrative for life or  a chain round our necks?
  • Body work in TA practice - a new article 2023 - a brief introduction to body. I am often asked about body work - this is a brief introduction to body work in TA practice also see the article on this page by Steff Oates.
  • Dreams in TA psychotherapy - edited Nov 2023 - Including an introduction to a Jungian approach to dream work. The royal road for psychotherapists and their client to walk towards integration and understanding.
  • Gestalt psychotherapy - edited Nov 2023 - Conversations with Laura Perls and others, Gestalt Therapy Verbatim interesting reflections including how Laura knitted while working with clients.
  • TA and transference - a new article nov 2023 - an introduction to a hugely important topic for all psychotherapists - including transaction analysts.
  • Ethics in TA practice - edited nov 2023 - an introduction to the EATA ethics code and thinking ethically about ethics.
  • The Middle Passage - from Misery to Meaning, By James Hollis. A Jungian perspective on the transformation of the self.