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TA Psychotherapy - healing the hurts of the past to live freely in the present

I qualified as CTA psychotherapist in 1990, and 34 years later I am still loving being a TA psychotherapist.

Take a look through my articles on TA - I hope you find them interesting and useful and I look forward to working with you in one of the TA groups.

Feel free to email me with any questions about TA psychotherapy or training.

Dave Spenceley TA psychotherapist and TSTA

"Daves approach to psychotherapy" in the articles page in order to understand how Dave works as a psychotherapist.

Dave qualified as a TA psychotherapist in 1990 - he works with couples, groups and individual clients from around Europe using zoom when in person sessions are not possible.

One day therapy group One - Thursdays - in person in Bucharest.
2024 - April 25th, May 23rd, June 6th online, Sept 12th, Oct 31st, Dec 5th.
2025 - Feb 13th, March27th, May 8th, June 12th, Sept 18th, Oct 9th, Dec 11th.

Online monthly group - meeting on Saturdays -
2024 - May 18th, Sept 7th, Oct 12th, Nov 16th, Dec 21st
2025 - Jan 25th, Feb 23rd, March 15th, Apr 12th, May 24th, Jun 28th, Sept 20th, Oct 18th, Nov 25th

Contract and agreements for membership of the groups:

⦁ The cost for those living and working in Romania = 450 Ron for the one day group.

⦁ Cost for those living and working outside of RO = 150 euro for the one day groups..

See YTCi payments page for details of administration contract regarding the payment and cancellation of fees. People who decide to join the group agree to pay for membership of the group, and commit to join for a minimum of 3 groups. Prior to leaving the group a minimum of one groups notice must be given. Please read the page regarding the requirements for joining in zoom meetings.

Contact Dave for  any questions regarding individual, couples or group psychotherapy.

TA was developed by Eric Berne and his colleagues in the 1960's, and TA theory and practice continues to evolve and is now used throughout the world, in psychotherapy, coaching, counselling, leadership, consultancy, organisational and educational settings.

At YTCi we focus on psychotherapy, and within the counselling field of TA for TA coaching and leadership development.

See Dave's intorduction to "TA 101 notes" - The notes are available alongside other articles prepared by Dave for the TA training programme. -
TA articles