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CTA Examination Preparation Group

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12 days over 7 modules in 2024

Dave Spenceley TSTA including one day co-led with Uta Höhl TSTA-C

The contract for this group is that each session will focus on CTA exam preparation in the psychotherapy or counselling field.

In advance of each group meeting the members are invited to send:

Entry requirements:

  1.  A commitment to taking the CTA examination.
  2. A valid EATA training contract.
  3. A minimum of 75 % of the EATA requirements for the CTA examination.
  4. A YTCi diploma or equivalent.

Times - 10 - 6 Romanian time.

2024 Dates: Tuesdays plus two Wednesdays - 12 days in 10 Modules.  

Costs: For those in Romania who are self funding: the fee is 7000 Ron Payable for 7 modules / 12 days.  

Group Requirements:

  1. Regular attendance and participation in the training groups - a certificate of  attendance is awarded for attendance. To receive the certificate of attendance for each module you must attend a minimum of 75% of the module.   
  2. Maintain an up to date training log, which includes self reflections on experience of training, supervision, therapy and practice of TA.
  3. Members of the group are required to be members of their national TA association and to comply with the requirements and ethical standards of EATA.
  4. The YTCi training Director has the final say in whether trainees can continue in membership of the training group
  5. Online or Hybrid? - Then please read the page regarding the requirements for hybrid and online zoom meetings


For information the EATA requirements for CTA qualification:

1) TA 101 certificate

2) An EATA training contract

3) A recommendation by their principal supervisor.

4) Has achieved a total of 2000 hours of professional development – with the following minimum requirements.

a. 750 hours of client contact –

i. For the psychotherapy field a minimum of 50 of the 750 must be with a couple or group.

ii. At least 500 of the 750 must be in TA

b. 600 hours of professional training (relevant to the field of practice) of which a minimum must be 300 TA

c. 150 hours of professional practice supervision:

i. Of which at least 75 hours must be with a PTSTA / TSTA

ii. Of which at least 40 hours must be with their principal supervisor.

d. 500 Additional professional development hours which are agreed with their principal supervisor.

EATA Training handbook: The details for all the TA training requirements, and all issues related to TA training, ethics, the core competencies expected of a CTA and a description of the examination process are available in the “EATA Training Handbook”  -