Contact:  YTCi Course Director Dave Spenceley // Administration: Andreea Barbulis

YTCi - TA Training and TA psychotherapy in Bucharest

All YTCi groups are back online till the current covid crises is over in Bucharest

The 101 course in Bucharest covers the all key concepts of TA in 2 intensive and enjoyable days.

The 101 is the official / required entry gate for all advanced TA training:

A new structure to the YTCi TA training programme for 2022:-

TA training for professional and personal development which can lead to internationally recognised qualification as a Certified Transactional Analyst in the field of psychotherapy or in the TA field of counselling (which covers coaching / leadership / conflict resolution / team development as well as psycho-social counselling for personal development).

New: TA Foundation course: 16 modules over a two year period - leading to a YTCi certificate in TA concepts.

Advanced professional TA training: New format for 2022 these groups will meet for 20 days in 9 modules - two of the modules will last for 3 days.

(Note the counselling field in TA covers areas such as leadership development, conflict resolution and coaching as well as psycho-social counselling.)

TA in Leadership and Coaching - with Uta Höhl TSTA-C

New: Professional development group: For those who have completed a minimum of 4 years of TA training and use TA professionally.

Psychotherapy - healing the hurts of the past to live freely in the present.

Yorkshire Training Centre International

Transactional Analysis in Romania

TA Training - TA Supervision - TA Coaching - TA Psychotherapy

YTCi Course Director - Dave Spenceley TSTA

What is TA?

2021 and 2022 - with Uta

TA for coaching and leadership.

Uta will be leading a series of special workshops for those using TA in leadership and coaching roles.